Summyr Montoya’s early life was traumatic and it opened in her a rare capacity for deep love and compassion for mankind. For more than 30 years she has facilitated positive change for individuals and carers who have suffered from a mental health crisis and/or traumatic events.
She is dedicated to helping the marginalised and the severely disadvantaged. At the beginning of each work day she sets her intentions asking the Divine to send her those in ‘true crisis’ , those who need to hear the truth, those who wish to be heard, those who have hope in their hearts and are willing to change.
Although Summyr has accomplished much in her life, she points to her award winning poem “My Child” at the age of 18 about the birth of her daughter.
Summyr is an inspiration to many. She accepts you instantly with a beautiful warm embrace. She is a deeply compassionate women with a strong spiritual practice who provides meaningful insights and understanding for her clients.
As a gifted healer, Summyr provides a creative and artistic approach to her work which includes therapy, leading workshops, rituals, meditation classes, massage treatments and mentoring. Summyr is also a devoted mother of two delightful children.
Her words are juicy and wise, full of love just for you. She touches you right in your heart and is not afraid to deal with the difficult issues including sex problems, not being comfortable with your body, trauma-affected illness, death, loss and grief, and for those who have had to give up so much to care for others.
Summyr Montoya’s life is one of compassionate service and she would be delighted to help you.