A Traditional Way of Making Things Right

Trained in the Traditional Hawaiian Practice of Ho’oponopono with Kawika Foster of Mana O Kahiko.

Literal Translation:
Ho’o-to do or to make something happen.
Pono- Right or Righteousness’
Ponopono- to repeat a word in Hawaiian gives the root word a deeper significance, in this instance, VERY RIGHT.
Thus the word Ho’oponopono literally means ‘TO MAKE RIGHT’.

The Bowl of Light a Traditional Story…
When we are born into this realm of existence, we are born with a perfect bowl of light. This light allows us to do all things in this universe. Fly with the birds, swim with the fish, and speak to the wind and the trees. As we grow and experience life we have a tendency as human beings of picking up stones ‘pohaku’. Every time we pick up a stone and place into our bowl our light will dim, because light and stone cannot hold the same space. When we come to a place that there are many stones in our bowl, our light will no longer shine, and we are self’s, become stone. It is also foretold, at this time that we should tire of carrying these stones in out bowl, we must turn ‘huli’ our bowl upside down and dump the stones out. This allows our light to shine brightly once again.
This traditional story captures the essence of Ho’oponopono. As a process, practitioners of Ho’oponopono understand that for true healing to take place, all the stones ‘limiting constructs’ of our experiences must be removed. Ho’oponopono includes the use of prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, mutual restitution and forgiveness’. (1986 revised Hawaiian Dictionary)

From a traditional perspective a movement through forgiving, forgetting, and remembering was observed through Ho’oponopono . It is understood that in order to truly forgive one must also forget so we are able to remember a state of health and well-being prior to the inhibiting or conflicting experience.
Ho’oponopono provides people with the means to returning to whole-ness. Through alignment it creates a state of ‘rightness with oneself, family, society, a higher power(s), and our universe.

Private Sessions: $200

Ho’oponopono is a traditional Hawaiian healing practice of conflict resolution and mental cleansing through discussion, examination, confession, repentance, mutual restitution, forgiveness and forgetting, as well as prayer. This process has been used for generations to make right in relationships and remove mental obstructions with unconditional love. Many a time our minds justifies why we are not living in truth. In a Ho’oponopono session we resolve where we have stepped outside the line of truth-in thinking; in intention; in action. We explore why there is unhappiness in the client’s life, by extracting the baggage and releasing it. This process helps us to become free and clear Aligning our mind, body and spirit.