Meditation-Mindful Day Retreat Group Classes

Be mindfully all-one with yourself for a day of Meditation with Summyr.

Amongst the rapid pace and pressure of life, sometimes we become disconnected from the deeper emotional needs of ourselves and others. As we race to complete our every day to do lists, we lose contact with the higher sense of BEING that inspires our most meaningful actions in the world. Taking time for ourselves can seem like an unreasonable luxury, but if you can arrange it, the time can offer inspiration and value that will enrich our relationships.
Meditation teaches you to learn to recognize, embrace and accept your SELF. You will awaken a sense of freedom that allows you to transcend imaginary barriers between yourself and others, empowering you to live in ways that serve the highest good of all. Embracing your emotions and the full spectrum of your being-from Joy and Playfulness to Sadness and Deep Reflection.
In group meditation it brings a sense of community in your life, honoring the magic and deep wisdom from each other. Drawing a great energy of support and presence all around you. You will be a source of good and a blessing on other people’s journeys.

Commences on Wednesday 15th November 6.30pm to 7.15pm
$10 per Class-pay on day
Location: 45 Barton St MAYFEILD NSW
Wear comfortable clothing suited to weather..bring your own meditation stool or Matt if you have one
Limited to 10 per class

Summyr has studied the art of mediation for 4 years and is a qualified meditation facilitator.

Private Meditation Lessons

This therapy is 1:1 or you may bring a loved one along. 
For the full surrendering, baring all to heaven and earth meditation. We love it!
I certainly have a skill in helping people - individuals and couples - feel more confident, aware and inspired around all aspects of there life.

You'll find that sitting with me is a liberating experience. I have no need to judge or assess you, my only agenda is to enable you to transform and grow.

Each session is unique and personal, and overall enable transformation at all levels of your being

  • Emotions, Mind, Body and Spirit.                           
  • The Truth about Reality
  • Life Force Energy and Health                                  
  • The Power of Thought
  • Living in the Present                                                 
  • Visioning the Future 

30 min session $30 per person.