Naked Earth Heart.. Summyr often creates a combination of skills to bring unique and holistic approach to each session.

  • breath workphoto-1448842215777-02928daa9d5f
  • meditation/mindfulness
  • expressive art therapy
  • body rhythm movements
  • sound therapy
  • touch therapy
  • transpersonal and intuitive counselling
  • shamanic healing tools

Feel and Listen to the very breathe and rhythm of life, pulsating through your whole being, your body, emotions, mind and soul. Arousing your sensory awareness to help you learn how create new and deeper connections with your true self, present in life. You’ll also establish new patterns of relaxation and ways to let go of daily stress and tensions. You’ll learn how to connect deeply in the world so life is more fulfilling and peaceful. As an added bonus, when the body is able to breathe again, movement becomes uninhibited and posture naturally improves.
Naked Earth Heart session makes enormous differences in how your life seems to flow with ease and beauty, will transform the way you think and feel about yourself.
Includes easy homecare practices to integrate your discoveries into daily life.

This therapy is 1:1 or you may bring a buddy along. Excellent for stress management, Naked Earth Heart can include outdoor sessions so you can connect deeply into Nature.

For the full surrendering, baring all to heaven and earth natural meditation. We love it!

60 minute session Price $80