Symbolic Body Work Treatment

You learn how to accept your Body, Feel It, Validate It, Love It-these are some of the challenges that awaits us here in this modern world. Our body is the physical expression of our personal form. When Summyr helps you examine the form-by look, touch, movement, symbols, chi energy, the inner sensations-you learn the language your body speaks and discover parts of yourselves connecting in a new way of “being”

To understand the body, you have to “be” the body. What is involved you ask:

  • Summyr will lead you into a meditation to find your own unique healing symbol. Summyr’s intuition and connection with mother earth allows her to surrender and perform a sacred ritual of real healing potential of this unusual but delightful state, summyr has learnt to apply symbolic ancestral knowledge to others and the environment.
  • Then we will pray so your unique symbol can be witnessed and taken into embodiment.
  • In loving guidance and magical vibrancy of a Sacred Oil infused and painted in a creative way onto your whole entire body. Where client and masseuse together will melt to the fullness of their own inner power, Knowing and righteousness. (Please note this is not a sexual massage but the whole entire body is infused with the sacred oil, this is part of accepting and connecting with your whole being)

This extraordinary invitation with my absolute presence and open heart, makes this a most capitulating time to truly relax and release everything that is less than loving. In this state allow your inner guidance who cares so deeply for your total well-being, to shower upon you its continual blessings of peace, love, beauty, wisdom and joy.
Session’s are: 90min