Experience a healing ritual that has stood the test of time and remained unchanged for thousands of years...it's simply exceptional.

Additional Options: Take the experience to another level- add-on services are available. This can be discussed during consultation...
Shamanic Journeying
Art Expression
Transpersonal Counselling
Chakra Balancing
Reiki Healing
Floor massage/stretches

Lomi Lomi Sacred Massage

Saturated from start to finish in loving guidance makes this a most capitulating time to truly relax, all session works with the client’s intention for healing, so clients are asked to consider their reasons for wanting a treatment. Summyr seeks guidance of an ancient wisdom a sacred space is where we begin. Opening up in prayer and intention, Summyr will play her drum and chant, you shall return, opening gateways to the worlds beyond, mysteries shall unfold, in sacred space and peace we bond.

Summyr often creates a combination of techniques to bring unique and positive depth to the sessions..Heartwork Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu, body stretches, meridian line work/trigger point release and energy pathways, working well in bringing together the past and present, Hawaiian Massage meets the needs of people today who seek greater health, happiness and well-being. Deeply nurturing and enriching, if helps to give understanding and meaning to life. Take time out from this world, come and "be" with Summyr learn to understand something more and enhance your life...

1 hour Lomi Lomi massage $100
Relax, Love and breathe.
90 min Time to 'Be" lomi lomi massage $150
To understand the body, you have to "be" the body,
2 hour lomi lomi massage $200
This treatment goes beyond the physical and allows you to enter a deeper sense of relaxation, health and wellbeing.

Summyr offers a legitimate professional service and will not welcome clients that ask her for a sexual service.